Expert wood restoration, refinishing and repair

Our Services

Do you have wood furniture that needs some TLC? Maybe a wardrobe that needs a new finish?  Has a hot, steamy pizza box left its mark on your antique dining table?  If so, give us a call.  We’ll refinish or repair your antiques and fine wood furniture to restore their former beauty without diminishing their value.

We remove wood finishes without resorting to dip tanks or harsh sanding which can destroy the patina which gives antiques their value.  40 years’ of combined experience allow us to perform repairs of the highest quality which will add years of life to your wood furniture.  The use of a professional quality spray system allows us to produce factory quality finishes every time.  In the very near future, we anticipate “making the jump” to waterborne finishes.  In that way, we’ll be able to provide the same high-quality finishes while doing our part to preserve the environment.  Currently, we make every effort to recapture and reuse our solvents, thereby significantly reducing their impact on the environment.  Products that can’t be reused are disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner.

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Our Results

Our use of a solvent-based system to remove old wood finishes produces excellent results without raising the grain, harming delicate veneers or loosening glue joints.  Wood chairs that have been repaired through re-gluing are rendered as solid as the day they were constructed.  Professional-grade stains give the optimum degree of clarity and light resistance to your restored wood piece.

Our use of a state-of-the-art finishing system combines the clarity of a traditional French polish with the durability of a brushed polyurethane varnish.  And, we offer finishes in a variety of sheens, ranging from “dead flat” to high gloss, with satin being the most common preference.  In short, we offer high-quality wood restoration, refinishign and repair work at competitive prices.

As the old saying goes: “If you’re happy, tell your friends; if you’re not, tell us.”

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